Understanding the Burn

Getting started on a new routine can be an unsettling experience, and exercise is not exception. Those feeling their muscles burn may come to the conclusion they should stop exercising altogether. Understanding the burn can help them to know that what is occurring is a natural part of how the body works. They can get past it if they are willing to learn how to help their body exercise properly.

Most people find their muscles burning when they are working hard to lose weight. Sweating may be one indication that they are working hard, but the burning sensation in their muscles is another that should be recognized. It is a natural outcome from their muscles being deprived of enough oxygen to keep working. The pain is their indication that something needs to change, but it does not mean they are injured or should stop working out.

The lack of oxygen being delivered to the muscles during a more intense workout is a sign that the person needs to slow down or stop temporarily. The burning sensation should stop almost immediately. The cause of the burning is a build-up of lactic acid in their muscle. This acid is what helps the body feed the muscle, and the process requires both lactic acid and oxygen to break it down. When oxygen is lacking, the burn from the excess lactic acid is what a person feels.

Slowing down or stopping temporarily will give the body time to oxygenate the area, and that should take care of the issue. A person determined to continue their workout might want to consult a professional trainer to help them decide if their workout is too intense. For those experiencing continued burn, it may be time to find a different exercise or an aerobics routine that may alleviate the situation.